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Syrena and Jack


shє tσσk whαt hє sαíd wíth α smílє, nσddíng єvєrч nσw αnd αgαín. thє pírαtє wαs wísє frσm hís чєαrs αt sєα. shє cσuld tєll. αlσng wíth thαt strєαk σf sσlídítч thαt rαn thrσugh hís pєrsσnαlítч, shє knєw αt lєαst ín thís cαsє, hє cσuld вє trustєd.

"чєs," shє cσnfírmєd. "wє dσ thє rulєs αrє much mσrє stríct thαn αnчthíng í hαvє sєєn ín чσur wσrld. í wσuld gσ вαck tσ thєm íf í cσuld, вut í αm surє thєч wσuld cαst mє σut." shє lσσkєd dσwn, sαdlч. "вut, thαnk чσu, jαck. чσur wσrds mєαn much tσ mє."

Jack mostly told the truth. He had no reason to really lie to anyone. It’s not being said he never lied. He did. He knew the truth was easier. The things that got past Jack by lying is when he would be speaking to a government man or a whore he was interested in using. Jack scratched his chin and looked to her.

"If they can’t accept your dearest Philip then they aren’t the family you would want," Jack spoke boldly. "I think you should just go back and be strong. Hold your ground." Jack tried to give her advice of his. She was always such an innocent looking girl. 

Jack and Elizabeth//On the Dutchman


He had to be mad. If word caught that Jack Sparrow was residing on the shores of Tortuga, they would be dead for sure. Pirates could be secretive but when it came to their more infamous pirate brethren, word could catch like wild fire. 

"Going to a populated pirate port is not exactly laying low." She made a good point, she only hoped he would see it that way. 

"Pirates are not exactly known for being loyal, any one of them could betray our location"

Jack listened to Elizabeth’s little speech about laying low. He had never heard of Blackbeard going to Tortuga willingly. However, any one as Elizabeth said would betray where they were had been. Jack and Elizabeth both are almost completely the most well known pirates in all the world. Jack knew it wouldn’t be helpful. He simply had an urge to go to Tortuga. 

"Elizabeth, do you have any idea in your head where you would like to head off to?"

“It’s hard to resist a bad boy who’s a good man.”