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POTC Challenge Day 4: Favorite Father

Boostrap Bill Turner


♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡


♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡

Syrena and Jack


sчrєnα’s íntєrєst wαs spαrkєd. shє lσσkєd up, hєr wídє єчєs hσpєful. shє cσuld sєnsє hє wαs вєíng hσnєst wíth hєr, αnd shє αpprєcíαtєd ít. “thαnk чσu fσr tєllíng mє thαt.” shє sαíd. “чσu díd nσt mαtch thє mєn αвσαrd thє vєssєl, вut чσu hαd чσur σwn hínts σf dαngєr. í wαs nσt surє whєthєr σr nσt чσu cσuld вє trustєd, вut thís hєlps. thαnk чσu,” shє sαíd αgαín, hєr vσícє kínd αnd swєєt.
sчrєnα lσσkєd вαck αt thє wαtєr, sσrrσw вlσσmíng ín hєr dσwncαst єхprєssíσn. “í cαn nєvєr gσ hσmє.” shє sαíd. “mч sístєrs wσuld cαst mє σut. thєч cσuld nєvєr undєrstαnd whαt í shαrє wíth phíllíp.”

"Mermaids must have more strict laws and rules than that of a human." He had come to that assumption. "You are a creature not to be messed with. You are a fighter. You know what you want. You will do all for the things you want. You are like me in that matter. The key would be to never give up, dear Syrena." 

"When, it comes to knowledge I would never hold it back if it couldn’t bring me some sense of consolation prize for telling it." 

Jack remembered Philip. He didn’t know she was still hanging about him. “Don’t let your fears hold you back. Be strong and hold your self tall. Just keep swimming.” :P 

POTC Challenge Day 2: Favorite Character

I have 3 favorite characters. Will, James, and Jack

POTC Challenge Day 1: Favorite movie

Curse of the Black Pearl